Values and Morals . . . What are they?

The Scenario: Has someone ever asked you to do something or to be part of an activity that made you feel uncomfortable but you didn’t understand why? Maybe the request went against your “personal values” or “moral fiber.”

What are personal values and morals?

Values: Values are ideals that we believe are important as individuals. They are subjective, and vary as a result of our culture, beliefs, and experiences.

Morals: Morals are a set of guiding principles or rules that help differentiate our behavioral choices between right and wrong or good and bad and are exhibited through our intentions, decisions, practices and actions.

Values and morals are different from one person to the next because they are the essential building blocks that shape who we are, what we choose to stand for and believe in, and influence the decisions we make. They not only give meaning to who we are but also who we want to be.

The Insight: Make a list of the values and morals that you choose to live by. It is important that the you surround yourself with people or influences that share some of your personal morals and values. When you do not, the discourse may increase stress in your life. Defining your personal values and understanding your morals allows you to increase self-awareness and improve your relationships with others.

What are your values and morals?

By Sheba

A Positive Perspective for Life, Love, and Relationships



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